5 Mistakes Sellers Should Avoid

5 Mistakes Sellers Should Avoid

5 Mistakes Sellers Should Avoid

Ved Prakash Asthana, 51, bought a 2BHK flat in Delhi but as the size of his family grew, the house couldn't accommodate all the family members. When Asthana decided to sell the house and buy a bigger unit in the suburbs, he thought it would be much easier being a seller than being at the other end of the spectrum. However, the way things unfolded, he soon realised it's much tougher being a seller. Despite two years of consistent efforts, he has not been able to sell his property.  

There are many like Asthana whose wait endlessly to find the right buyer. And, the root cause is the many mistakes that sellers often make.

Here are five signs that mean you will have to wait for long before you are able to sell your property:

You have an upper hand

You think that as a seller, you can steer the deal to your advantage. However, if you knew better, you would realise, you, too, in all likelihood, were once a buyer and you did not let your seller have an upper hand. The sooner you realise that both parties are equal in a property transaction, the better.

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You have unreasonable hopes

Your neighbour sold his house for a hefty amount last year and you want to sell yours for an amount higher than that. What you do not realise is that your neighbour's house was bigger in size, better in condition and closer to the main road. You have to quote a price that is suitable for your property.  

You are in such a hurry

You have decided to sell the house because you are in a hurry to arrange fund's for your daughter's marriage. You may like to remind yourself that property transactions are highly capital-intensive and buyers will think hundred times before they give you all the money, even if they love your house. Being in a great hurry and pushing buyers may spoil your chances as a seller.

You are such a proud seller

Of course, you are in love with your house. You brag about its features and amenities till you freak the buyer out. What you must realise is that we love our things even if they have any shortcomings. However, a buyer is going to look at your property with the same amount of non-attachment as he would look at your neighbour's.  

You are taking it easy

While the buyer and your property agent called you several times, you did not feel the need to respond by calling back. You were the seller, you thought, and it was the responsibility of the two to keep you entertained. You have to understand that your city has no dearth of houses, and the buyer will move on. There will certainly be many in the market chasing and entertaining him.

Last Updated: Mon May 17 2021

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