5 Infrastructure Homebuyers Don't Want To Live Around

5 Infrastructure Homebuyers Don't Want To Live Around

5 Infrastructure Homebuyers Don't Want To Live Around

Picking on a locality, some of the things that we closely look at is the neighbourhood and other infrastructure around. While parks, market, cafes, public transport system are some of the infrastructure that you would want your home to be surrounded with, every feature has a different relevance for each homebuyer. But, there are certain eyesores that homebuyers stay away from.

Not on the list of many, but properties being constructed around these infrastructure given the space crunch across cities, are a good deal when it comes to discount.

MakaaniQ lists top five infrastructure that many homebuyers don't want to live around:

Power sub-station

High-tension wires passing close to the property you live in can be a deterrent to your health and also, pose other risks too. Various reports suggest that continuous exposure to the magnetic field created around these stations can be a cause of various health risks including leukaemia in children. Moreover, in worst case scenario, bad weather conditions can cause electrical damage, too. Homebuyers generally avoid properties around a power sub-station, though market estimates show that you can buy an apartment for a 20 per cent lesser cost of what you might get in a developed locality of the city.


Living right under the flight path can be a noisy affair, especially during nights when the frequency of flights increases. Even though you can add some noise cancellation equipment like double-glazed windows among others, the homebuyers avoid a location like this. Market reports suggest that such properties can be 10-20 per cent cheaper than their city counterparts.


Many developers boast projects saying that it is located on a particular highway. When they do make sure that the property is not right on the highway. A few kilometres away is advised, while the ones right at the highway can cause continuous exposure to sound and air pollution. But, for those planning to invest, these properties can at a price 10-15 per cent lesser than their city counterparts.

What's next door

An old housing society, a under-construction property or others right next to the project you are taking a home in can be an eyesore. At times such properties can overpower the look of your property and make them look unpleasant, too. Living next door to an unpleasant side is not you must be looking at. But, in case you want to save a 10 per cent of the price a similar property in the other prominent areas of the city, you could opt for such a property.

Garbage dumping fill

Every city has its dumping grounds that have overtime turned into a hill of waste. Living in properties closeby can be a huge health hazard given the fumes that these grounds generate. Also, these can be a cause of continuous foul smell in your home. Even though these properties can come 10-15 per cent cheaper than their city counterparts, it is advised not to invest in such properties.

Last Updated: Tue Sep 26 2017

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