7 Home Problems You Can Easily Uncover In Your First Property Visit

7 Home Problems You Can Easily Uncover In Your First Property Visit

7 Home Problems You Can Easily Uncover In Your First Property Visit

Even before you hire a home inspector, there are certain errors that you can uncover yourself in the very first visit you make to the property. This kickstart can help you save money and time you otherwise would have spent on a home inspector for a property which might not be worth it.

MakaaniQ lists five home problems that you can detect easily:

Danger zones

The first and foremost thing that you need to look for while taking a look at the property are areas that could cause sudden accidents. For instance, wires lying open and in a congested space can be a cause for sudden heating of wires and thus, is becoming a cause of a short circuit or fire. Or, check for the way the property is designed to understand how easy an emergency exit would be. Also, a wrong usage of flooring in the bathrooms or kitchen, which when wet can be a cause of an accident.

So while you take a look, keep an eye on these small  things and also, do not forget to see how well the property is equipped to handle an accident. Look for fire alarms, door knobs and locks, and even fire extinguishers.

Security measures

A major concern for many, look for the security measures that have been taken by the property owner and how much will you have to spend to ensure apt security. See how strong the doors and windows are, are the locks and latches technologically advanced and well-installed and also see if the property is well equipped with latest technology security measures including video phone door locks, and CCTV cameras.

Uneven walls or flooring

A property also has some signs of ageing. If you are planning on buying a property which was constructed years ago there are certain things you should look for. See if the walls are standing straight or do you see a visible bent in them. A bent would mean that it would only grow worse with time and eventually be a cause of an accident. Also, if the construction is faulty you would see uneven flooring. Look for these small errors and you would be saved from investing in a poorly-constructed property.

Slow drainage

While you make a visit to the property make sure you check all the taps in the kitchen and bathrooms to see how fast the drainage and water supply system is. A slow drainage or water supply means clogged systems due to faulty installations or improper maintenance.

Cracking caulk

Look at the corners of the walls, joints between the window and the wall, where sinks or bathtubs are installed and see if the caulking is cracked or coming out. This is a sign of gap formation between the joints and that it will keep on expanding. This also is a sign of faulty construction and lack of maintenance after that.

Multiple types of pipes

Keep an eye on the types of pipes used across various points of drainage. If you find a mix of cast iron and PVC pipes, share this information with your home inspector and let them look into the reason why. Also, let them check if the right type in used for each drainage and are also of a good quality.

Low ventilation

When moving around, keep a check on how well the property is ventilated. Check for the windows, vents and even appliances that allow ventilation. Look for these vents in areas that are prone to humidity including kitchen and bathrooms. 

Last Updated: Thu Jun 15 2017

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