Want To Live Happily Ever After? Try These 5 Cities

Want To Live Happily Ever After? Try These 5 Cities

Want To Live Happily Ever After? Try These 5 Cities
Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is a cultural treasure. (Wikimedia)

If you are thinking of making an investment and leading a happy life ahead, try out these cities. These cities have been listed the top 5 happiest cities in India, in a recent study conducted in 16 cities across India.

Buy a home at these places to live happily ever after:


Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is a cultural treasure. The city is known for its traditional jewellery and garments business. It is one of the largest exporters of gold, diamond and precious stone jewellery in Asia. The inhabitants of this city are the happiest, according to the study.


India's financial capital Mumbai is considered the second-happiest city in India. Mumbai is one of the world's known trade centers contributing 25 per cent of industrial output and 70 per cent of capital transactions to India's economy. The concentration of corporate bodies becomes a reason for this city to be home to one per cent of the total population in India.



Patna, the agricultural abode of India, marks itself at the third position in the list of happy cities. The Bihar capital is a known exporter of food grains and other agricultural products, and as a city it is growing with respect to infrastructure.


Capital of Punjab and Haryana and a union territory, Chandigarh is considered the cleanest city in India. Also known as pensioner's paradise, Chandigarh is home to large, medium and small scale industries.


India's national Delhi has the best of infrastructure, and this makes it an investment-friendly city. Delhi incorporates a lot of key revenue generating sectors like IT, telecommunications, hospitality, tourism, banking and media that attracts lot of professionals to the city.

Last Updated: Fri May 27 2016

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