5 Factors That Will Tell If Your Locality Is Perfect For You

5 Factors That Will Tell If Your Locality Is Perfect For You

5 Factors That Will Tell If Your Locality Is Perfect For You

A locality is an 'ideal' neighbourhood if it has the right mix of all modern facilities and a good social environment. The access to basic amenities like health care, education and a clean water supply is a pre-requisite, but there also are other factors that play a crucial role in enriching your quality of life.

MakaanIQ lists some yardsticks to ascertain if your locality is an ideal place for you.

  • Good civic infrastructure

Infrastructure is a key measure of a country's position on the global stage. The civic infrastructure is a basic set-up provided by the city or its local government for its smooth operation. This includes sewage, water supply, proper roads, a proper waste-collection mechanism, and well-lit streets.

Apart from malls, neighbourhood market, banks, clubs, parks, places of worship and health centres are equally vital for your life. A proper parking facility is a must for the safety of vehicles and to avoid congestion. Also, your locality should also ensure your safety and security with full-time security guards.

  • Robust transportation network

Transportation shows a very close relationship among the range and location of activities, the lifestyle, and the goods and services available in a locality. A large number of people travel to work every day, so it is important to have an accessible and appropriate public transport network. Also, for people travelling for work, shopping and other social reasons, it is of immense importance that the locality has a strong and uninterrupted connectivity by road. A railway station or airport close by are an advantage.

  • Resale value

Choosing a house to invest engages much more than just finding a place to raise a family. It is a lifetime investment whose value you would wish to multiply. A locality where the property is easier for renting or leasing out is always in demand. A house in such a locality is always considered a good option for both investors and buyers, as prices would appreciate in the long run, fetching good profits.

To get the best resale value on your property, your house's size, location, condition and layout are of utmost importance.

  • Clean environment

Keeping our locality neat and clean is our moral responsibility. A clean environment reduces pollution, as well as stress. The society should have sweepers and workers to maintain the area around the clock. It should be preferable for better living conditions, if it is a smoke-free zone.

  • Proximity to workplace

Living close to the workplace has its own merits. Not only does it reduce your travel time but also allows you to spend more quality time with your family.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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