5 Common Regrets That Home Buyers Have

5 Common Regrets That Home Buyers Have

5 Common Regrets That Home Buyers Have

Every buying experience teaches you something. Be it piece of clothing, or making a purchase of an asset like a property, your every buying experience, there is something you learn from it. If you ask home buyers, at large, even when they are satisfied, there will be something during the decision making that they regret about. There are certain they wish they would have reconsidered. From many such regrets that home buyers have, we bring you some of the most common ones that you can learn from and avoid while making your big decision.

Buying too big or too small house

The size of the home that you buy should always be apt based on your needs. Buying a home, which is either too big or too small, can always be a reason for regret. Many people who buy a large home often realise that they are not using many rooms and a major portion of the home. In such cases, they try to sell the portion or put it on rent. Similarly, buying a home which is too small can cause problems. For a couple, a 1BHK apartment may fulfil the need, but with additions to the family, a small apartment may not suffice.

Ignoring the neighbourhood

Neighbourhood is one of the key factors considered during the home buying process. You may look up to the markets, parks and banks close by, but there are many factors that you should not ignore. Give a thorough check before you sign up, including schools, retail, public transport, etc. An open garbage canal or a railway track passing close to your home can be an everyday trouble for you and your family.

Saying yes to a house that you can't actually afford

You are getting a dream home but at a price that you are not able to afford now. Still, you close the deal assuming you will get a salary hike or better return in your business. This is one of the biggest regrets that home buyers have. They accept their mistake that they ignore the fact that there could be unforeseen expenses in your personal life and a heavy sum of EMI (equated monthly installment) could be a burden on you. Therefore, always a home that fits your budget.

Neglecting the poor-quality construction

If you are ignoring the poor quality of construction because you will eventually renovate the home, then you will surely regret later. A poor-quality construction will require more time, material and money to improve its overall condition. Even if you plan to remodel your home after the purchase, do check the quality of the home.

Not paying attention to small details

Small details in the home are unavoidable. The quality of the sanitaryware or the wood used in cabinets should be inspected thoroughly. Not paying attention to such details can increase the hidden costs that you may have to incur while you plan to buy and shift to the home.

Last Updated: Tue Dec 20 2016

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