4 Ways That Could Appreciate Your Property's Resale Value

4 Ways That Could Appreciate Your Property's Resale Value

4 Ways That Could Appreciate Your Property's Resale Value

Selling an old property can be a daunting and time-taking task. Earlier, people used to get good inbound offers to sell their properties, but now, it is a completely different scenario. There is no dearth of new projects that offer much better amenities than an old property, and there is hardly any difference in the pricing, too.

Sample this. A newly constructed apartment, spread in an area of 1,200 square foot (sqft), is up for sale at a price of Rs 50 lakh at Sector 137, Noida. And, a five-year-old construction in Noida's Sector 55 of the same configuration is selling for Rs 60 lakh. The first apartment is located inside a modern society with several state-of-the-art features, including swimming pool, well-equipped gym, entertainment zone and kid's play area. The second is a part of an old project which is not equipped with modern day facility. The only advantage of the second property is its location and proximity to the central business district (CBD). What will you prefer?

Today homebuyers are conscious about the quality of life and distance doesn't matter if the project is well-connected to high-speed expressways and Metro rail. 

So, what will you do if in case you want to enhance resale value of your old property, both in terms of price and attractiveness? Let us share the ways that can help you in selling a property fast.

Keep it ready-to-move

A flat with damaged plaster, leaking taps, screeching doors or layers of dust and cobwebs will not get you a good deal, even if it is located at the most premium location. At times, owners simply do not care about such obvious factors and ignore minute details or are unable to do so because of the property being distantly located.

Manage this aspect imperatively. You can hire an agency to fix all the issues within the property and a caretaker to keep the house intact.

Ensure that you keep the property in a condition that makes it ready-to-move-in.

A professional photoshoot

A photo can do what a property description might not. Property pictures can boost its appeal. Hire a professional photographer to shoot the property. This move can also help generate some great returns out of the property.

At the same time, it will add prestige to your home, making it more appealing.

Enhanced safety and security features

A home with strong, well-built gates, doors and grills can be noticed quickly by property buyers. If it is an apartment, you can make sure that doors and balconies have sufficient grilling to an extent that one can leave home for several days without any concerns.

If it is an independent house, safety and security features matter even more. You can also add surveillance system with CCTVs and biometric access. It doesn't cost much these days.

Make it smart

You can add some smart features to your property and it is not just about fancy gazettes. You can invest in solar panels and make design changes that can lead to better ventilation and natural lighting. Last but not the least, just examine that your property has a good connect with Vastu principles.

Last Updated: Mon Oct 16 2017

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