4 Timeless Skills For Successful Property Brokerage Business

4 Timeless Skills For Successful Property Brokerage Business

4 Timeless Skills For Successful Property Brokerage Business

Irrespective of a downturn in the real estate market, there are homebuyers looking for a property. After all, housing is a basic necessity for all of us.

With no dearth of clients, regardless of the market condition, all a property broker need is some fundamental skills to survive and thrive. So, what are these timeless skills you need to keep going and succeed?

MakaaniQ lists four such skills for you:

Skill 1: Listening attentively  

Sounds easy? Researchers have observed that most times people, with sales on their mind, do not pay attention to their clients' viewpoints. They set their own agenda and keep pushing their clients for something they might not want.

If this is the approach you follow, it might give you a shot in the arm in short-term, but, it won't get you a long-term success.

That's why listening is the core skill. When you open yourself to your clients' concerns you will open new windows of opportunities for your business.

Skill 2: Making new connections

In a people's business, property brokers need to make new connections and keep growing their network. This can be done by:

  • Participating in industry events
  • Joining national, city and local-level associations
  • Contributing to social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook

Remember that your network is your net worth. All the time and energy you spend in growing your network will help you reap benefits in the future.

Skill 3: Contributing to social causes

Property broking is a thankless job, in the eyes of many. There is a perception that brokers work just for money. This may not be true for many of you. So why not to change this perception?

Stand for the social matters you relate to. Contribute to making a difference in people's lives. It is not just about signing cheques and making donations, rather contribute by putting your skills, information and knowledge to social causes.

Joining some genuine local groups or non-governmental organisations (NGOs) can be a good move.

Skill 4: Keeping your network engaged     

Developing a network could be relatively easier; however, it is more important to keep your contacts engaged. How will you do it? Here are some potential ways you may consider:

  • Organising property-related seminars
  • Releasing regular newsletters with informative blogs and articles
  • Sending personalised wishes on special occasions

There could be many other ways through which you can keep your network live and there could be many other timeless skills that can make you stay ahead of the curve.

Last Updated: Wed Oct 04 2017

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