4 Things Sellers Must Do Once Their Property Hits The Market

4 Things Sellers Must Do Once Their Property Hits The Market

4 Things Sellers Must Do Once Their Property Hits The Market

So, you have decided to sell a property but not sure what should be the approach. All you know is that you have to seal the deal as soon as possible and be on your way to make a fresh investment.

Now, what could you do to close the deal at the soonest? Here are four tips to make that happen:

Invite your neighbours first

There are various reasons for this. Neighbors are generally curious to know what is happening around their homes. It is a good idea to invite them and give a tour. There is a possibility that one of them becomes interested in buying your asset and you close a deal in no time.

Neighbours can also be a good source of leads for you. In fact, they can market your property to their friends and relatives quite well. So, do not miss out this prime channel of selling a property. Remember that things can go wrong if neighbours are not on your side. They may even spoil the prospects by negative word-of-mouth.

Never refuse a site-visit request    

Buyers can ring in anytime. Be prepared for it. They may like to visit the property instantly. Try to accommodate every request. You can appoint a broker to go for site visits. Never turn down a request for showing the property. You never know which one works out.

In fact, genuine buyers can come in any time. They may even take a day-off and visit your property during usual work hours, or they can also ask you to arrange a site visit at odd hours.

As a thumb rule, consider all the requests. The more people who visit your property, the quicker it will sell.

Maintain positive energies

It usually takes a few minutes for a buyer to decide whether or not they would go for a property. Therefore, it is critical that you maintain a positive environment within the house. Remove all odors, scrap materials and keep it squeaky clean.

Make sure that all the tube-lights, bulbs, fans and switches are in order. If the property has a garden, keep it in good shape. After all, you are selling a property worth several lakhs and a buyer would expect at least a basic level of hygiene in a property on which he is going to spend a large sum.

Keep it minimal

That golden wallpaper in the living room could be your favorite but what if it becomes a reason keeping a buyer at bay? People who are looking out for a property usually have a preconceived notion about the kind of place they want.

That's why it is advisable to go minimal. Decorative items are a big 'no'. They may be removable but once the discussion goes into the wrong direction, it ruins the chances of a deal. So, keep it simple and it will be in vogue for always.

Last Updated: Thu Nov 23 2017

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