4 Tenancy Issues Every Bachelor Faces in Delhi-NCR

4 Tenancy Issues Every Bachelor Faces in Delhi-NCR

4 Tenancy Issues Every Bachelor Faces in Delhi-NCR

Delhi is amongst the toughest Indian cities as far as house-hunting as a bachelor is concerned. Being single is a big worry for a large number of young men, especially in Delhi which has seen an influx of young professionals and students over the last few decades. As demand mushrooms, house-owners can afford to be choosy. As bachelors struggle to find a roof over their head, these single men question the partisan attitude of housing societies or landlords to deny them accommodation.

MakaanIQ highlights the issues a bachelor faces in the national capital region (NCR).

Finding a proper and safe location

Many places in the national capital are not considered safe. For someone relocating to the city, identifying a relatively safer location is an uphill task. Finding the 'right' house in the vicinity of your workplace can be a bit of a challenge.


Most of the bachelors have to rely on brokers, some of which have a reputation of doing a mediocre job. Trusting a broker blindly and making a thoughtless decision may end up in a combat with your landlord.

Bad impression

A bachelor has to go through a grilling interview session each time he meets the house-owner. There are some landlords who turn away bachelors on the ground that they will damage their property or non- vegetarians will bring disrespect to their religion. The other common reasons for not renting out to bachelors is that owners feel that they would mess up his property, get girls and booze and party all night. There are instances when a guy who got inked or body piercings is stereotyped as an addict.

High Deposit

Landlords usually keep a huge amount of money as security deposit. Ideally the amount should be rightfully returned to the tenant while vacating the accommodation. However, in most cases, landlords deduct a large chunk on some pretext or another.

Last Updated: Fri Jun 10 2016

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