4 Signs That Indicate There Is Something Fishy About The Seller

4 Signs That Indicate There Is Something Fishy About The Seller

4 Signs That Indicate There Is Something Fishy About The Seller

It's not just the buyers who exercise caution when they go home shopping; sellers are equally apprehensive and on guard all the time. This only makes perfect sense, considering a seller has much more to lose than a buyer. This is precisely why a seller who is not displaying caution and sensibility is not to be trusted.

Here are four signs that indicate you may not be dealing with a genuine seller:

Is he rushing you?

We can hardly expect capital-intensive property deals to materialise in a hurry.  Even if everything is settled between you and the seller, the latter would give you enough to consider all aspects of the deal and get back. If someone is unduly rushing you, this should come to you as a fraud alert. Do find out why the seller is in such a hurry and go ahead with the deal only when you are fully satisfied.

Is he changing version?

This seller first tells you that he will be selling the property for a certain amount. In no time at all, he asks you to pay more because he has found a buyer who is ready to pay him a much bigger amount. No matter how much you like this particular property, going ahead with the deal would only harm you. It would only be better to back off.

Is he genuine enough?

When you checked online, there were several facilities the seller said the property offered. However, on your personal visit you find that most of these facilities are missing. This, too, is not a good sign. A genuine seller would not do something like that. This is likely to irk prospective buyers, anyhow.

Is he doing you undue favours?

For a property worth a crore, this seller is asking only Rs 75 lakh. He seems genuine, too. He is also going out of his way and promised to pay the registration charges from his own pocket. It would only be naïve to expect a landlord to sell a property worth a crore for a penny less even if he is desperate. In the matters of property transactions, promised of windfalls only indicate that there is something fishy.

Last Updated: Tue Apr 04 2017

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