3 Types Of Rental Accommodations That Could Be Illegal

3 Types Of Rental Accommodations That Could Be Illegal

3 Types Of Rental Accommodations That Could Be Illegal

When looking out for a property on rent, we look for an apartment that is close to our workplace, is well-connected, has a strong social infrastructure and is also, affordable. While carefully selecting a rental property that fulfills all these parameters, tenants tend to miss out on an important aspect — the legality of the rental property.

At times, landlords renovate or create a space to rent out that may not be a legal construction or not fit for dwelling purpose. Be careful when selecting a dwelling, or you may be renting an illegal space. MakaaniQ lists three types of rentals that could be illegal:

Barsati/terrace room

A common practice, many landlords who have roof rights construct a single room along with kitchen and bathroom and rent it out. These structures are called barsati and are popular among bachelors and students as these come cheap and offer privacy being on the top floor. However, these constructions might not be legal and hence, not safe for you to rent. What if the authorities get to know about this illegal construction and plan to bring it down? In such a scenario ask for papers of the property to understand that it is legal. Also, get your lease agreement registered to avoid any hassle.

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A non-permissible floor

It has been observed that many homeowners with independent homes have gone beyond the permissible floor area ratio or FAR and built an illegal floor. In case you have been given such a floor on rent it could get you in trouble. Before you rent such a floor, know the FAR in the area. This will help you know whether or not this floor in legally permissible. 

Basement dwelling

Using a basement for residential purpose in India is illegal. Built partially or completely below the street level, this space is considered to be unsafe for dwelling given that there is no ventilation and exiting the property in times of emergency can be difficult. Also, according to the building by-laws for storage and parking, the basement is not a part of permissible floor area ratio (FAR). All these together make basement an illegal space to rent. 

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