3 Pune Localities With The Best Livability Score

3 Pune Localities With The Best Livability Score

3 Pune Localities With The Best Livability Score

For many of you, the prime criterion for buying a property is social infrastructure around the locality. You would also take a serious note of the security that the locality provides homebuyers. In short, on the livability score, the locality must have a top rating. Keeping that in mind, we list for you the best such localities in Maharashtra's cultural capital Pune, which is now set to become the state's entrepreneurs' capital, too. 


 How we define it: A mixture of old colonies with new suburban area complements one other very well to form an interesting locality to live in.

 Is this the very locality you would love to live in? Brand-new luxury housing options await you in Aundh.

 The price tag: Considering it is a posh neighbourhood, average prices are much higher than average property prices in Pune. Data available with Makaan.com show you have to pay Rs 9,400 for a square foot (sqft) of space at Aundh. The cost of a 3BHK may go as high as Rs 10 crore. In Pune, on the other hand, the average property price is Rs Rs 7,113 per sqft, data by the National Housing Board show. In case you are happy to rent here than buy anywhere else, you will have to shell out Rs 25,300 a month.

 *The locality has a livability score of 9.7.

 Kalyani Nagar

 How we define it: Residential property in Kalyani Nagar is occupied by people from all over the country, and truly represents the city of Pune in terms of its energy and radiance.

The price tag: Kalyani Nagar is not only one of the largest areas in Pune but also among the neighbourhoods that boast brilliant architecture. This is why you would have to spend Rs 11,200 per sqft to be able to buy space in this locality. Monthly rents may also go as high as Rs 90,300.

*The locality has a livability score of 9.7.

Shaniwar Peth

 How we define it: Shaniwar Peth is one of the oldest-and-well-planned localities in Pune.

 The price tag: When compared to Aundh, property prices in this locality are higher. For a square foot of space, you have to pay Rs 10,5000. However, rents in the two localities are similar. You have to shell out an average Rs 25,500 to rent an accommodation here which is much less than the amount you would be spending to live in Kalyani Nagar. While a 1BHK unit will cost you as much as Rs 42 lakh, a 2BHK unit would come for Rs 70 lakh-1.2 crore.

 *The locality has a livability score of 9.7.

Note: The rating is based on a scale of 10.

Last Updated: Fri Jul 28 2017

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