Busting 3 Myths About Real Estate Technology Adoption

Busting 3 Myths About Real Estate Technology Adoption

Busting 3 Myths About Real Estate Technology Adoption

Technology has become a core need for businesses planning to scale up and fast. Real estate businesses are no exception. Whether a developer or a broker, adoption of new technology can work wonders for businesses.

Although we are all aware about the significance of technology, many times business leaders fail to make the best use of it in their organisations.

MakaaniQ lists three myths about technology that are common among Indian real estate businesses. The business leaders need to unravel these myths in order to make technology an engine of growth for their businesses.

Myth 1 – Availability of technological tools will automatically lead to usage

It is natural for any business to invest in relevant technology as the first step towards technological transformation. Many businesses feel that investing in sophisticated tools will automatically lead to their adoption. Well, that's not the case.

Your employees are not going to use those tools efficiently until they are trained to do so. You will have to make the use of technology mandatory and make it the part of the process, but, before you make a tool mandatory, you have to ensure that all concerned employees are provided sufficient training.

No two people work the same way but technological platforms tend to bring in consistency and efficiencies.

Myth 2 – Staff will use technology even if top management doesn't use it

Your staff develops a comfort zone for themselves by using a set of systems and processes. When you introduce a new technology, they have to break away from that comfort zone. At times, this change is resisted, but, it is the top management that can lead by example and motivate them to adopt the new.

Myth 3 – Technology brings instant results

It is a myth that the cutting-edge features of technological tools are expected to get instant results the moment they are implemented. Well, this may be possible in some cases but not always.

Some technological tools may impact the age-old technological systems and processes of your company and you could face some teething troubles. During this period, your business may suffer interruptions and overlaps. That's the time your leadership skills will be tested.

There is no second thought that implementation of the right technology can take your businesses to new heights. All you need is to remain positive, think from long-term perspective and take the above myths in stride.


Last Updated: Fri Oct 27 2017

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