3 Lessons That Will Change Your Outlook As A Property Investor

3 Lessons That Will Change Your Outlook As A Property Investor

3 Lessons That Will Change Your Outlook As A Property Investor

Real estate investing can make or break fortunes. Mistakes prove to be costly, devastating your confidence maybe forever. At the same time, it is among the best routes to make it large in life. Why not learn about things that can make you a better investor? Did you just say yes? Okay, then here we go.

Lesson 1: Property investing is not only about buying

Property buying may seem to be a tough job. It consumes a lot of time in spotting the right property and even then you are expected to conduct thorough due diligence before signing off a deal. Is property investing all about that? Definitely not!

Successful real estate investors know that buying property is only the beginning of the journey. That's indeed a skill, and it is critical that you get the right kind of assets in your portfolio. However, once you buy a property, it becomes even more important to manage it in a way that it generates a superior return on investment (ROI).

If you have bought a property for rental purposes, the success of your investing goals will rest on the quality of tenants you get. Experienced investors pay attention to screening prospective tenants to check on aspects such as their paying capacity, past records, future plans, etc. There is no point in letting out a property to tenants who vacate it too early. That results in maintenance expenses for restoring the property back to normal for another tenant.

Similarly, the success of real-estate-investing goals depends on your market understanding. It is important to be able to judge when to sell a property. Sometimes, investors tend to hold a property in booming markets, only to realise that capital values slash down by several percentages at a later stage. 

Lesson 2: Cash flow calculations and forecasting make a difference

Real estate investing is a long-term game. You should be comfortable even if a property doesn't perform for several years. In fact, experienced investors know that maintaining a property is a major cost. Whether or not a property generates any cash flow, you will still need to bear the minimum costs towards electricity, water, security, property tax, etc. As a property owner, you need to factor-in all such costs.

Successful investors strive to calculate their cash flows as accurately as possible, and their forecasts are based on things that can impact a property's prospects during a period. They set aside contingency funds for unforeseen repairs and maintenance. This approach brings them in a better position to align their investing goals.

Lesson 3: No deal is 'perfect'

In real estate, there is nothing like a 'perfect' deal. The very nature of real estate is varied and uncertain. You can't claim for the entire cake. Some factors could fall in your favor as a buyer and some could go to the seller. You have to accept this with an open heart.

Amateur investors try hard and look for perfection. Experienced investors, on the other hand, let go certain things intentionally and play on time cost and appropriate closure of a deal. Once they decide that it is the right time to dispose a property, they move things fast. Real estate transactions are anyway time-taking and even the paperwork can take several weeks to complete.

Therefore, for adept real estate investors, time is the essence.

Last Updated: Tue Nov 14 2017

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