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  • 4th Oct 18

    More Than Half The Buildings In Hyderabad Violate Building Laws

    According to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, of the 22 lakh houses under its jurisdiction, over 50 per cent have building-plan deviation. These irregularities are choking the city resources and are causing a risk to the lives of those occupying and those living in the vicinity.
  • 27th Aug 13

    Dubai property prices to go down substantially - Prince Alwaleed

    Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has warned that Dubai's property market faces substantial further falls...
  • 11th Nov 18

    Property Sale Through GPA Is Illegal

    Through an order in 2011, the Supreme Court held that transferring property title through a general power of attorney was not valid. The top court directed municipal bodies not to register/mutate properties based on these documents. Following the order, states banned the registration of properties sold through GPA. The SC, however, said that genuine transactions carried out through GPA would be valid. In light of this, should you be entering property transactions that involve sale through power of attorney? Let us find out.
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    How Sale Deed Is Executed?

    Execution of the sale deed is technically the concluding part of a property-purchase process. Let us see what all a sale deed consists of and how it is executed.
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    Here's How You Can Pay Property Tax Online In Delhi

    MakaanIQ shares the process of how you could pay your property tax online. Go to, the property tax payment site of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. Remember to check all the pre-filled data because it is on the basis of these that you get certain rebates on your property tax.

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136 - 73,222126.7%


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