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    • 8th Jun 18

      New Delhi Railway Station Set For A Makeover

      To decongest the otherwise busy station, the Northern Railways plans to revamp the New Delhi Railway Station. The plan is to provide better amenities to passengers to ensure ease of movement and to also give the station a new look and feel.
    • 1st Aug 18

      Top-5 Affordable Projects Near Jaipur’s Industrial Hubs

      Here is a look at key affordable real estate hubs near industrial areas of the Pink City.
    • 8th Aug 18

      Top Localities For Students To Rent A House In Jaipur

      Jaipur is home to over 600 educational institutes and ranks second in terms of number of higher education institutes in India, with Bengaluru lying on top. This factor has been driving demand for rental housing. Let us look at which are the most popular areas among students to rent a place in Jaipur.
    • 23rd May 16

      5 Real Estate Investment Destinations In Jaipur

      MakaanIQ lists five real estate destinations that have a promising future.
    • 15th Dec 15

      10 Cool Facts About Bengaluru's Electronics City

      The locality has more to it beyond being one of the largest IT hubs of India.
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