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Under the hood

Joka, a neighbourhood of south west kolkata, is a census town growing at a rapid scale. This peaceful locality owes its existence to the old Joka Tram Depot, which is has been shut to make way for the new Metro Railway Station to serve the many daily commuters in a better and more effective manner. Educational institutions like the Kolkata Model School and the Vivekananda Mission school are established near joka properties

a commercial hub in the making

In the making to become the new commercial hub of South Kolkata, Joka is well-connected to the rest of the city by - the 4 lane Diamond Harbour Road (NH 117) and 4 lane James Long Sarani- the two most important roadways to get to any part of the city. The locality is home to one of India's premier management institute - Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta , whose PGP program was ranked 13th in the world, and highest in Asia! For those who are interested, the Gurusaday museum is another good landmark
  • The Neighbours

    residential property in joka are often occupied by nuclear families and service persons
  • What You Will Find

    from a joka property, it is an easy commute to anywhere in the city
  • Living It Up

    rejuvenate your spiritual side at the detox centre with yoga and more
  • What You Will Not Find

    property in joka is not famous for luxury speciality dining or a nightlife
  • The Locality Scape

    Newer housing complexes and apartments in joka make up the localityscape
  • Find Joy In

    the peace, quiet and the occasional evening bustle
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a eclectic mix of people

Comprising of people from all over India, the crowd in Joka largely consists of young, working individuals, with several pockets of senior citizens to give you the right balance
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    1,707 / sq ft
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    12,132 / month
    Avg. rent (1,2,3 bhk)

Joka Kolkata Property

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