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south city


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    16,667 / sq ft
    Avg. price (3 bhk)
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    46,000 / month
    Avg. rent (3 bhk)

South City Property

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    • 13th Dec 11

      South Indian Cities on Target

      Techies of Indian origin based in US (popularly known as NRIs) are eying at property in South India.
    • 17th Mar 17

      Kerala Makes Way For 'Selfie' Homes

      Asset Homes, a Kerala-based realty firm, plans to launch selfie homes in Kochi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune and Visakhapatnam.
    • 17th Apr 17

      Colour Your Home The Feng Shui Way

      Colours of your home influence thought patterns to a great extent. They have a great impact on the health, career and financial prosperity of a person’s life. There are total eight directions that represents different elements. As per Feng Shui, there are different favourable colours for each direction.
    • 25th May 17

      How To Apply For Bangalore Development Authority Flats

      The development body has modified its existing housing projects to attract homebuyers looking for quality affordable housing projects within the city. Check out the details.
    • 8th May 17

      Your Affordable Home Could Actually Be A Luxury

      For those looking for affordable homes, properties in suburbs seem the only option. But, it would be wrong to assume that affordability is all about the purchase price. The cost of owning and maintaining this property might make it a luxury, hard for you to afford.

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    south city


    Sector 43

    6,646 - 30,105-31.4%

    Sector 41

    731 - 76,18988%

    Sector 49

    3,910 - 10,3311.6%

    Sector 47

    3,612 - 12,78513.6%

    Sector 53

    7,759 - 28,119-1.3%

    Sector 54

    6,362 - 27,06951.5%

    Sector 48

    4,573 - 12,431-1.6%

    Sector 66

    6,226 - 12,169-1.4%

    Sector 67

    3,311 - 24,7906.5%

    Sector 82

    3,051 - 8,01114.1%
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