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  • 20th Jul 16

    Castles Across The World That Are Up For Sale

    MakaanIQ lists 10 best castles from around the world that are up for sale.
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    Know Your Tax Benefits As A Homebuyer

    MakaanIQ talks about the tax benefits you can avail of on a home loan.
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    Must Know Facts About Possession Letter And Occupancy Certificate

    MakaaniQ tells you the difference between possession letter and occupancy certificate.
  • 25th Apr 17

    Soon, You Can Own The Property You Rent

    Under the government’s rent to own scheme, you can become the owner of a property rented from government bodies by staying in it for a specified period and by paying the value of the property in easy installments.
  • 18th Apr 17

    Simple Tricks To Keep Your Home Perfectly Cool This Summer

    Maintaining cool indoors when it is hot outside is a big challenge during summers. Some easy ways to block the summer heat includes sealing gaps or cracks in the house, installing indoor plants or window planters, white lime washing the terrace as well as using heat reflective paints for exteriors. Thermal breaks or thermal bridging is another preferred method done at the construction stage. It involves retrofitting materials with low thermal conductivity in the walls or windows that help tackle solar radiation. 

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Sector 43

19,407 - 76,484-31.4%

Sector 41

32,189 - 63,48888%

Sector 49

19,019 - 55,3751.6%

Sector 47

21,117 - 59,04913.6%

Sector 53

31,660 - 86,697-1.3%

Sector 54

40,739 - 1,81,75351.5%

Sector 48

24,680 - 1,09,100-1.6%

Sector 66

20,849 - 88,272-1.4%

Sector 67

21,172 - 43,3606.5%

Sector 82

8,870 - 45,81214.1%
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