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          • 11th Jul 18

            Global Investors Queue Up For Dubai Luxury, Again

            The buyers, especially high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) looking for long-term gains, are attracted by soft market conditions that offer unprecedented offers on luxury real estate.
          • 19th Jun 18

            Sharjah Takes Tenancy Contracts Online

            The Sharjah City Municipality has gone online with tenancy contracts, a move aimed at reducing the use of paper, and a positive step towards saving time and effort for tenants.
          • 8th Jun 18

            How VAT Impact UAE’s Property Transactions

            It is to be noted that there is no VAT payable on rental payment or capital transactions. However, there is an increase in the overall cost of living in terms of maintenance and servicing.
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            What Makes REITs Popular In The UAE?

            With the presence of two Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) — Emirates REIT and ENBD REIT on Nasdaq Dubai, this model of real estate investment is fast emerging in the GCC region.
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            All About Eviction Under Dubai Tenancy Law

            When is the right time for a landlord to serve an eviction notice to a tenant? What are the procedures involved?
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