What Are The Charges For Registering At Ejari?

What Are The Charges For Registering At Ejari?

What Are The Charges For Registering At Ejari?

All rental or lease contracts in Dubai have to be registered under Ejari under the provisions of the real estate law. An applicant can easily register for Ejari by paying the fees of AED 365. An Ejari licence fee, an Ejari Certificate registration fee and other charges have to be paid along with the online fee. The total amount that has to be paid toward this matter is AED 585. This is inclusive of all the charges.

Here is the cost break-up: 

• Ejari licence fee: AED 55

• Certificate registration fee: AED 100

• Innovation fee: AED 10

• Knowledge fee: AED 10

• Value-added tax: AED 5

• Typing charges: AED 40

• Online express service, plus VAT: AED 365 is fully refundable if it takes more than seven working days

• Ejari consultation and online support: Free

The Ejari fees can be paid online on the website using PayPal through debit or credit cards which may be Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express, from any of the major banks. An applicant can also pay using their balance from their existing PayPal account. There is no additional payment for conversion.

There is a guaranteed delivery time of seven days and the application is processed within 24-48 hours of the submission. The applicant is eligible for refund if Ejari fails to deliver within seven days. It is good to go through the entire terms and conditions on the website before submission.

If an applicant wants to cancel their online application, the fee charged is AED 220, with VAT. The price also includes typing charges, innovation fee and government tax.

Since everything is done online, there is no need for the applicant to visit any office and waste their valuable time. However, in case the property is disputed, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority may ask the applicant to visit its office to resolve the issue. These Ejari cancellations are processed within 24-48 hours of request on the part of the applicant.

If the Ejari Termination ID fails to get delivered, the applicant need not worry as the full refund will be done in the respective bank account of the applicant from which the payment was made.

Ejari complaint tenancy contract draft

The price for Ejari complaint tenancy contract draft is AED 100, including VAT. After the requisite payment is made, the applicant will be provided a downloadable link along with a password. The template of the contract can be used multiple times for personal use but the commercial use is prohibited.

Last Updated: Tue May 22 2018

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