The Lagoons: Should You Invest Here?

The Lagoons: Should You Invest Here?

The Lagoons: Should You Invest Here?

The Lagoons, which is one of the biggest and prestigious real estate projects in Dubai, exhibits an ultra-modern, luxurious lifestyle the city offers to its residents. The Lagoons comprises of seven islands that are connected with one other through waterways. The district, which is home to world-class luxury hotels, renowned schools, shopping centres and malls, is developed at one of the prime locations of Dubai i.e. banks of the Dubai Creek. To its utmost locational advantage, it is situated between the Dubai Festival City and the Ras al Khor Wildlilife Sanctuary.

The seven man-made islands are classified as sub-districts and each one of them is developed to provide high-end amenities with different features. Here is a brief on what these seven islands offer to its residents:

Al Dana

Al Dana is known for its state-of-the-art architecture. This sub-district is the commercial centre of The Lagoons that provides swanky working spaces to entrepreneurs to carry out their business operations. The island hosts Dubai Towers, which is said to be the city’s architectural landmark, and is home to several multinationals.

Al Sedaifa

Al Sedaifa is not completed yet but upon completion, it commits to be the most potential choice of shoppers in Dubai as it is going to house high-end jewellery brands and fashion houses from Paris, Milan, New York and London and renowned interior design companies from around the world. Properties here will comprise of mid-rise buildings to provide the retail properties.

Al Jiwin

Al Jiwin is the typical space to hang around with family and friends to have some gala moments. The main attractions include cafes as well as some shopping centres for quick shopping.

Al Naama

This space is designed to provide facilities of health clubs and luxurious spas to repose and get away from the stress of routine life. Upon completion, Al Naama would serve as the weekend getaway to tourists and residents seeking ultimate relaxing and rejuvenating experiences.

Al Lulu

Al Lulu is a sub-district that blends nature with ultra-modern amenities that the elite residents look for. It comprises of water-front private spaces such as luxury homes and villas and jetties to enjoy the beauty of nature and at the same time get the experience of the expansive lifestyle.

Al Hassabi

Al Hassabi is designed for people interested in sporty activities. It is a place you can visit with family and kids to walk through, jog in parks, ride and run. It comprises of waterways, markets, amphitheaters and art galleries.

Dubai Opera House

Designed by international architects, the Dubai Opera House is one of a kind that will have marina, art centre, planetarium and golf course. It will house six-star hotels and restaurants, and will be one of the architectures that Dubai will be known for.

The district is a mix of urban residential projects and corporate developments. Residences and visitors use private boats, water taxis and rail network to move from island to island. If you are looking to buy property in Dubai with freehold rights that give all ownership benefits, this is the place to invest.

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