All You Need To Know About Jumeirah Beach Residence

All You Need To Know About Jumeirah Beach Residence

All You Need To Know About Jumeirah Beach Residence

Jumeirah Beach Residence, a part of Dubai Marina, is acclaimed as the biggest residential quarter in the world. It runs across 1.7 kilometre, comprising 40 sandy-hued towers which can accommodate around 15,000 people.

JBR, as it is popularly called in Dubai, is situated between the seashore and central, water-lining part of the city. The complex runs the length of the most popular beachside called The Walk, which has plenty of cafes, restaurants and other entertainment options. The apartments located at JBR have their own shared pools, shops and convenience stores, gardens, walkways etc.

It takes about 30 minutes to reach the Dubai International Airport by car and 25 minutes to reach the Al Maktoum Airport from here.

City living with a sea-side view

Developed in the Arabic and Mediterranean styles, JBR has huge waterfronts on the sideways giving the feel of living in a fairy-tale. Surrounded by all kinds of convenience stores and needs, the beach-side apartments are self-sustaining. The aesthetic beauty and design of the place makes it the most beautiful place in this part of the Emirate.

There is no need to own a car in JBR unlike Dubai Marina. There are two Metro stations at a short walk from the bridges over the Marina. The Metro stations are connected with the new tram system which has helped in easing the traffic in the JBR area which has tremendously helped residents living in the towers.

The neighbourhood

Having established a name for itself as a perfect location for couples and young families, JBR has become one of the most preferred residential destinations in Dubai, thanks to its spacious apartments available at affordable prices. The seashore is just next to the location coupled with The Walk and Marina.

Happening nightlife

The location offers plenty of options for dining and nightlife according to one’s taste and lifestyle. There are rows of American-style diners on the cobbled-effect promenade along with numerous cafes and restaurants.

Market space

With four deluxe hotels in the area, there are 36 magnificent Arab and Mediterranean properties close to the business centres of Dubai which offer the seaside view in JBR.

The downside

Like any other real estate hotspots in the world, JBR finds traffic woes as one of the major bottlenecks. Though it creates issues for residents as well as tourists, it does not stop them from visiting the space for a night-out. As previously mentioned, JBR is still a work-in-progress. The road system upgrades have taken place and the state of infrastructure is improving faster than ever.

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