Your Checklist On Ejari

Your Checklist On Ejari

Your Checklist On Ejari

If you are renting a property in Dubai, you must be well aware of the Ejari system. To assist you in the matter, we are answering some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the Ejari system.

What is Ejari?

An Arabic word meaning my rent, Ejari is also the name of the system that registers rental or tenancy contracts in Dubai under the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) regulations. Ejari has simply become synonymous with tenancy registration contracts..

Who makes the first move?

The registration of the tenancy contract with Ejari is mostly done by tenants. Although landlords can also do it, they don’t do it often.

Is it compulsory?

Yes. According to the RERA rules and the local laws, a tenant will not be able to renew residency visas for the members of the family if not registered with Ejari. Also, in case of a dispute at a later stage with the landlord, the tenant will not be able to seek grievance redressal without an Ejari certificate.

Where to register?

The process of registration will only take about 15-20 minutes at any typing centre where registration as well as the supporting paper work is done. The Ejari website has a list of the approved typing centres, though others which are not on the list can also help.

What is the best time to register?

It is ideal to register as soon as the tenancy starts so as to avoid delays or disputes at any stage. But Ejari registration can be done at any point during the tenancy period.

Do I again need to register for Ejari if the place of residence is the same as earlier?

Yes. Every time, there is a renewal of tenancy contract, an Ejari has to be registered again. This prevents any confusion within the system while enabling a more conducive and transparent relationship between the tenant and the landlord.

What documents are needed for registration?

For Ejari registration, you would require these documents:

  • Security deposit receipt
  • Tenancy contract
  • Passport of the tenant (If a non-GCC national)
  • UAE visa of the tenant (If a non-GCC national)
  • Emirates ID of the tenant
  • Copy of the title deed of the leased property or the affection plan or the sale-purchase agreement
  • The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority premises number or copies of the recent utility bills
  • Trade licence of the company (in case of commercial properties)
  • Electricity and water connection receipt

What about the payment for Ejari registration?

You have to pay AED 160 for Ejari registration.

Will there be a receipt provided for Ejari registration?

Yes. An Ejari certificate with all the tenancy details will be provided by the official authority.

Can an applicant lodge Ejari online by themselves?

No. Currently, only typing centres are allowed to lodge Ejari.

Last Updated: Tue May 22 2018

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