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          • property for rent
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          • 28th Jun 18

            Now Is The Time For Global Investors To Foray In Dubai Real Estate Market

            The city rated among the top-ranking global destinations such as Singapore and Hong Kong and comes in the league of other developed cities such as New York, London and Tokyo, offers real estate at much competitive prices when compared to any of these cities.
          • 19th Jun 18

            Sharjah Takes Tenancy Contracts Online

            The Sharjah City Municipality has gone online with tenancy contracts, a move aimed at reducing the use of paper, and a positive step towards saving time and effort for tenants.
          • 11th Jul 18

            Global Investors Queue Up For Dubai Luxury, Again

            The buyers, especially high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) looking for long-term gains, are attracted by soft market conditions that offer unprecedented offers on luxury real estate.
          • 10th Jul 18

            Moving To Lower-Rent Location? Read This

            Owing to the downward revisions in rental values at some locations in Dubai, there has been growing instances of disputes over rental contracts.
          • 6th Jul 18

            Blockchain Technology To Soon Safeguard Dubai’s Real Estate

            This initiative is a part of the programme wherein the authority has planned to secure all its records in online form by 2020.
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